Godfrey Johnson hits it right on key

Godfrey Johnson hits it right on key

By Melissa Cohen

With his warm demeanour and hilarious sense of humour, Godfrey Johnson ensured that my meeting with the award winning pianist was a breath of fresh air.
This talented musician, actor, director, producer and songwriter – to name just a few of the hats he wears on a constant basis – has been enthralling audiences around South Africa for the past three decades. “Although performing has become my job, I am so passionate about music and telling stories through music, that I love what I do and am extremely disciplined in order to give the audience the best experience they can have,” Johnson chuckles.

Johnson has not only been writing his own shows, but also recently performed alongside one of his heroes, Pieter Dirk Uys in his production ‘50 Shades of Bambi’, which was on at the Fugard Theatre last month. “I really enjoyed working with Pieter because he is such an inspiration to me and is such a hard worker; we really got on so well,” mentions Johnson.

Although he has become universally renowned in the theatre industry for his undeniable talents, Johnson is an extremely humble man in person and says he is constantly trying to better himself. “I always say that if someone says something is not possible to do, I’ll do it. I really don’t follow a specific formula like many other artists do. I use the talents I was given and try and create something unique and original.”
‘Mr Johnson Presents’ is Johnson’s latest creation that promises to entertain and inspire audiences during its run at the Kalk Bay Theatre from October 9 to 26. This one man show will exhibit many of Johnson’s talents as he will be expressing his thoughts through music and poetry while exciting the audience’s senses through his piano playing. “I wrote this show in order to share my own personal observations on life and how things have changed in my life from when I started performing until the present day,” says the artist.

Johnson has paid close attention to the structure of the show, dividing it into three sections or movements, with the intention of taking the audience on a real emotional journey. “The first section will be light-hearted songs, the second will be more meaningful and the last section will be about the audience where their participation is key,” expresses Johnson.

If music delivered with heart and wit is your thing and you want to go back in time and appreciate some of music’s legends, as well as indulge in some new, fresh material written by the one of a kind talent that is Godfrey Johnson, then ‘Mr Johnson Presents’ is almost guaranteed to hit the spot.

* Performances will take place from Wednesdays to Saturdays at 8pm. Doors open at 6.30pm and seating is unreserved. Tickets cost R75 and R60 for Gallery seats.
To book, visit www.kbt.co.za.
Guests can enjoy Funki Chef’s Meal of the Day before or after the show. Call 072 7149559, or send an email to funkichef@gmail.com for more information.

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