Louis Viljoen’s blood-splattered drama ‘The Frontiersmen’ coming to Alexander Bar

Louis Viljoen’s blood-splattered drama ‘The Frontiersmen’ coming to Alexander Bar

‘The Frontiersmen’, a new play written by Fleur du Cap Theatre Award winning playwright Louis Viljoen and starring Nicholas Pauling (‘Waiting for the Barbarians’, ‘Hamlet’, ‘The Tempest’, ‘Amadeus’) and Mark Elderkin (‘Betesda’, ‘Champ’), will show at The Alexander Upstairs theatre at the Alexander Bar from Thursday October 3 to 12.
Directed by Greg Karvellas, ‘The Frontiersmen’ is set in the competitive world of property development, where two men go to extreme lengths to secure a lucrative real estate deal and to dig themselves out of a financial hole.

As darkness begins to fall and paranoia sets in, they find their ideals challenged, their morality shaken and their blood-lust slowly increasing. ‘The Frontiersmen’ is a dark tale about land, blood and good old South African greed.

This disturbing story about the violent measures some people will go to for financial gain come courtesy of the creators of the award-winning play ‘Champ’. Shane and Yuri, the two ambitious property developers in the play, are on the verge of sealing a very important property deal, that grinds to a halt when an important investor threatens to pull out. Convincing themselves that their survival is at stake, Shane and Yuri make a fateful decision to abandon their humanity and embrace the evil in their hearts.

* Performances will be at 7pm nightly, with two shows on Fridays at 7pm and 9pm. Tickets, priced at R80, are available from The Alexander Bar at  www.shows.alexanderbar.co.za, or on 021 300 1652.

The Alexander Upstairs is situated on 76 Strand Street, on the corner of Loop Street and Strand Street. ‘The Frontiersmen’ will carry a No Under 16 age restriction for explicit language and mature themes.