E.N.C.O.R.E = Everyone Not Contributing Ought Really (to) Exit

E.N.C.O.R.E = Everyone Not Contributing Ought Really (to) Exit

Not sure how you feel about it, or if you even think about it, but these days there are a few people who are seriously getting on my nerves when they must “Google” it immediately.
Before, at least it used to be some kind of game – who can get it first and we used to at the very least have the frustration of thinking about what that actor’s name is that was in that other film with that other actress…Nowadays, all we need to do is Google it. Where is the fun in that?
But what really gets my goat are those individuals – and there are plenty these days – that immediately go to their phones to show you a picture of something that they had seen, or of their child, or their dog, or, or…there you are, talking about some arbitrary thing and they whip out their phone to show you a picture. Or, they whip out the phone to show you a picture of the renovations they are doing at their house. Sorry, that is one that stands out for me at the moment as it happened to me recently in Johannesburg.

So, out comes the phone and they flick through a dozen or two pictures of their new door frame – none of which makes sense to me! And by “NONE OF THIS” I mean the fact that they whip out the phone as well as the rubbish I can barely see on the device they are holding in their hands.
And the pictures all look the bloody same to me anyway. Honestly, a door frame!!! Who cares?
And, if you invite me round to your house I shall see the bloody thing. What on God’s green earth makes you think anyone is interested in your door frame – that is under construction, no less? Go to Bears, they care! Or M-Net – they too care, I am led to believe.

The other very annoying thing these days is the statement that starts with “You must check out this cool thing I found on You Tube.” That you “found”? That means you sit and look for “things” on You Tube? Shouldn’t you be more concerned about your fallopian tubes – is what I think! And these “things” that people search for so vehemently? What are they? Things? Things that might do what? Amuse you? Teach you something?
Or, is it just because it is there? You have the Internet at your disposal so you are going to look for “things” aimlessly, mindlessly? If only they had the same attitude to an encyclopedia years ago when it was still fashionable to sport the entire Encyclopedia Brittanica on your bookshelf. Do people still have bookshelves? Do people even still read, I wonder?

Or, are we just aimlessly lost in a world that offers everyone too much useless information? There is the cliché that says something about the devil finding work for idle hands. Is that not perhaps what is at play here? I know I don’t have the time to mindlessly look for “things” on the Internet. I use it as a tool to communicate and to research. Full stop.
Then there are those that have totally succumbed to SMS talk – the shorthand that drive one nuts. People even make new ones up themselves. Some of them annoy the living daylights out of me, and others are laughable.

The ones I find most funny are the Muslims who abbreviate Islamic talk like “kanala” (a word meaning “please”) to “nala” and my personal favourite, “Insha-Allah” (meaning “God-willing”) to “IA”! The first time I saw it I read it as AI (Artificial Intelligence).
So, I GOOGLED (yes, I too Google when I need to, emphasis on “when I need to…”) some contractions/abbreviations and I found a few very interesting and quite hilarious ones…the funniest one was: BOBFOC = Body Of Baywatch, Face Of Crime Watch.

Then I thought of a comedy show we did not so long ago in which we spoofed acronyms. We made up some ridiculous acronyms ourselves to show the nonsensicality of some of them: one of them was C.A.F.A = Campaigners Against Foreign Attacks. Another was L.E.T.T.I.E = League (for) Everyone, (from) Ten (to) Twenty In Exile and my personal favourite, M.O.F.F.I.E = Movement Of Friends & Families In Exile.
Gotta love ‘em!