Commuters happy with new MyCiTi fare system

Commuters happy with new MyCiTi fare system

The new MyCiTi fare system – that launched in early August – has seen an increase in passenger numbers, because most trips are now far more cost effective.
The introduction of the ‘distance-based fare’ system makes it possible for passengers to travel short distances and only pay for the distance travelled, rather than the cost of an entire route. In addition to savings like this, new Mover fare packages offer savings of at least 20% on fares at all times, meaning passengers can maximise their savings.

Shirley (aged 25) is a travel consultant who lives close to the MyCiTi Woodbridge bus station. “I use the bus into town each day, and have saved a nice sum of money with the new Mover package. Where in the past I would load R100 onto my myconnect card and it would last me about a week, the same sum of money now lasts almost twice as long,” she said.

Mover packages are fare products that are loaded as points on the myconnect card, and are not interchangeable with other money loaded on the card as Standard fares. Money loaded as Mover packages cannot be used for other purchases, only for travelling on MyCiTi.
Passengers may now also get off the bus for up to 45 minutes before continuing their journey in the same direction, without being charged for starting the trip again. This makes it cheaper than being charged to start twice, as the fare per kilometre decreases the further you travel. In this case, the time between the first check-in and the last check-in must not be more than two hours apart.

The new fare system is not the only recent introduction to the service. A new website includes a wide range of customer information and has a handy fare calculator that enables commuters to calculate their exact fares between their origin and their destination.  The quick-start guide also takes users directly to routes and maps, timetables, system guides and a list of retailers who sell myconnect cards.

* Visit the new website at