DBN – Theatre Guide 23-29 Aug 2013

The king in blue
A drama that is written for the local people with specific lessons and morals that apply to the local people of Durban.
Until 6th September @ 12pm
Gateway Theatre of Shopping, Tel: 031-514-0500

We are the champions
A tribute show to beat all other shows of its kind. They celebrate the greatest pop icons to date including Michael Jackson, Elton John and Tina Turner.
Until 25th August @ 8pm
Barnyard Theatre, Tel: 031-566-3045

Andre the hilarious hypnotist
This show is absolutely amazing. Watch how Andre places members of the audience under hypnosis, that volunteer. It is fun for young and old.
Until 25th August @ 7:30pm
Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre, Tel: 031-260-2296