Cableway re-opens after five week maintenance

Cableway re-opens after five week maintenance

Table Mountain Cableway will re-open on Monday August 26 after an extended five week maintenance shutdown.

The Cableway is required to do annual maintenance to meet the highest global cableway standards as set by the Swiss Governing Body for Cableways (BAV). During this extended five week maintenance period the main DC (direct current) drive was replaced with an AC (alternating current) drive. The two carriages, the mechanism that moves the cable car up and down the track ropes, has been overhauled (this happens every six years), and the heel rope was replaced.

During this extended closure the Cableway also took the opportunity to enhance the visitor experience. A new deck, providing additional seating for kiosk patrons, was erected above the Visitor Centre at the Lower Station.

The re-opening follows soon after the announcement that the Cableway hosted 855 000 visitors during the last financial year, breaking the record set in 2007.

If your birthday fell within this closure period, you are entitled to redeem your complimentary birthday ride up the Cableway the week after annual maintenance, (August 26 to September 1). Remember to bring your SA ID to claim your birthday ticket.

* The Cableway operates weather permitting. For information, call 021 424 8181 or visit