How technology improves your MyCiTi trip

How technology improves your MyCiTi trip

The City of Cape Town introduced a new distance-based fare system for the MyCiTi bus system at the beginning of August. By using cutting-edge technology, the City is aiming to make travel easier and cheaper for passengers.

This distance-based fare system is the first of its kind in South Africa. It offers substantial savings for passengers who travel in Saver fare periods – instead of Peak fare periods – as well as for those who buy ‘Mover’ packages for R80 or more.

The introduction of the distance-based fare system is the latest milestone for the City in its efforts to deliver a world-class public transport system to the people of Cape Town.
A new website has also just been launched, with added functionalities just around the corner.

Visitors to can at present calculate the cost of their journeys under the new distance based fare system, as well as download maps for any MyCiTi route. Later this website will also include a handy route planner, plus the ability to receive real-time information on any service delays. Mobile users are also able to access some of the website’s functionalities, at

A large number of passengers are already taking advantage of the savings brought about by the distance-based fare system.
For example, there is Lennox Phantsi: he commutes daily between Khayelitsha and Paarden Eiland, where he works. He uses MyCiTi for the trip between central Cape Town and Paarden Eiland.

Previously, he paid R11,80 for this trip. Now he pays R6,80 when he travels during Peak fare periods (between 6.30am and 8.30am, and 4pm and 6pm), or R5,70 if he taps in before or after these times. He can easily reduce these fees further.

If he buys a Mover package for R80 or more from a station kiosk, his fare is slashed to R5,20 during Peak fare periods and R4,40 during the Saver fare periods.
The people of Cape Town deserve a world class public transport system. And the City is confident that it can deliver this type of system to everyone who lives in and works in Cape Town.