Health & Beauty: The perfect makeup kit

Health & Beauty: The perfect makeup kit

There are so many brands and types of makeup that finding the correct one can become quite difficult. I went shopping this week to find out the basic essentials that every woman should have. A well organized makeup kit will make any occasion much easier to negotiate and much quicker to apply your makeup.

A good foundation suited to your skin type will even out your skin tone.  Choose one that is tested on your jaw line and dark spots. If it blends in and is barely visible then this is your colour. A concealer will hide blemishes, sores, dark circles and the like on the face. Always apply concealer with your ring finger and allow it to be absorbed, and then carefully blend the edges in the skin.

Blush adds dimension to the face, so choose one that suits the colour of your skin to give you a youthful look. Use a blush brush to stroke small amounts of colour across the apples of your cheeks. Start with a warm, rosy colour and one without a shimmer.

Mascara should never be clumpy, so choose a brand that has a good brush which glides against the eyelashes. Eyes are the most sensitive so choosing eyeliner which glides easily will avoid pressure on the eyelid. Eye shadow is available in any skin tone. The neutral colours can be used for everyday so think of colours in a soft plum or light brown for darker skins, a taupey-grey or golden beige for medium skins and a light apricot for fair skins. Keep the dark, intense and shimmery colours for the night and for special occasions.

Gently sweep the eye shadow across the lids blending into and above the creases. Light, feathery strokes will give you a soft look. Eyeliner is used on the edges of the eyelids closest to your eyes. Powders are able to set the foundation and prevent it from wearing off. A good shade of lipstick and lip gloss should be chosen for the day and one for the night. A good allover highlighter will help lift your brow or sculpt your cheeks. Choose a soft nude, peach or pink for the most versatility.

Dispose of any old makeup that is old or causes irritation. Old makeup collects bacteria and does not apply well. Mascara and liquid eyeliner last up to three months.
Foundations, eye creams, face powders and gel eye creams last for six months. Liquid foundation, moisturizers and concealer can last up to a year. Washing all makeup applicators with warm water and soap will also eliminate bacteria from building up.
There is absolutely no need to have a cosmetic bag that is overflowing with makeup. Simple, basic products are all you need to get the perfect look.