DBN – Music Guide 16-22 Aug 2013

Laurie Levine
Laurie is a singer songwriter and has won a SAMA award for best producer. She is going on a nationwide tour in support of a her new album.
16th August @ 7:30pm
Blue Stockings, Tel: 083-659-3628

ISO and December streets
These South African rockers will be on stage this weekend playing you all their hits.
16th August @ 8pm
Live, Tel: 084-510-3107

Eagles – Taking it easy
A musical tribute to the band the Eagles. The show is running for a 2nd season by popular demand.
Until 18th August @ 8:30pm
Heritage theatre, Tel: 031-765-4197

Uber Zulu old skool Fridays and Saturdays
Every Friday and Saturday resident DJ Bhaskar lays down house tracks to have you skipping to the beat!
Until 17th August @ 6pm
Uber Zulu, Tel:031-303-5708

Wallace Nock
Wallace is a multi talented musician that is fluent in playing a variety of instruments. He will have you entertained for hours.
17th August @ 12pm
Oyster box, Tel: 031-514-5000