Quirky Quiz Nights – Toos Trivia Toosdays

Quirky Quiz Nights – Toos Trivia Toosdays

By Sean Parker

The traditional Pub Quiz has been slowly taken over by hipsters, but now ‘normal’ folk have cottoned onto the idea, and restaurants and bars are offering dedicated nights for groups of friends who want to show their competitive spirit in something besides 30 Seconds.

Trivia Toosdays is still in its infancy, but has already garnered a few regulars to the small diner On A Roll, situated in Little Mowbray at 78 Durban Road. Its cosy setting is conducive to a friendly competitive vibe and it’s not uncommon for teams to rally themselves to a Mancunian derby level of fervour. R10 is all that sets you back and the size of your team completely depends on how many people you can squeeze in at your table (usually around eight).

The food is proper American cuisine with emphasis on corndogs, beer-infused onion rings and hotdogs that rival the New York institution that is Gray’s Papaya. I had a taste of everything and wholeheartedly give it two thumbs up. As for the trivia, well the questions are as difficult as a Jacob Zuma quote having a positive effect on the economy. Nevertheless, the questions range from “How many times was the word ‘actually’ used in the film ‘Love Actually’?” to something that we all should know, but I didn’t; “Name the densest planet in the solar system?”

As with most other quiz nights, there are prizes involved in the form of alcohol. So be sure to book a table, check them out on Facebook at Trivia Toosdays and scour Wikipedia at the office before making your way to Mowbray for a quality evening of stupendous food and great fun.

* Visit On a Roll/Dog Kitchen’s website at www.dogkitchen.co.za.

Other Quiz Nights around the city
Mr Pickwicks: Feel like extending your weekend by one more day? Well head down to Mr Pickwicks, located on 158 Long Street, on Mondays for their take on quiz night and indulge in their famous milkshakes and free snacks! The unspoken theme is 10; it’s R10 to enter the quiz and 10 questions are asked for each of the 10 rounds. The quiz starts at 8pm, so get a few mates together and enjoy arguably the best vibe in the city!

The Toad: This is a quiz for people who listen to CapeTalk, the city’s brainiest citizens can congregate at the Toad on the corner of Main road and Village lane, Noordhoek, on Tuesdays. Do battle against the quiz master on matters like science, music, history and films. The prizes include vouchers and local wines and of course the title of quiz-master killer! Entrance is R20 and the competition gets underway from 7:30pm.