Health & Beauty: Applying the perfect nighttime make-up

Health & Beauty: Applying the perfect nighttime make-up

By RoxyK

It can become quite daunting to always have your make-up perfectly done, but most celebrities take hours making sure that their faces are done to give them a chic and glamorous look.
The key to a flawless and fresh look comes with experience, a good make-up brand and the right tools for applying. Make sure that your make-up complements what you are wearing and the occasion. Apply an evening make-up that is deep and sophisticated. If you are going out clubbing or to a party, add a bit of colour for an adventurous spark.

Wear make-up that suits your colour and accentuate your beauty with a natural base. Try and avoid artificial or unnatural colours that will merely emphasise fine lines and make you look older. Hide blemishes with a concealer that matches your skin tone. Obtain flawless looking skin by using a liquid foundation and lightly dust loose powder to even out your skin tone. Apply an illuminator with a large brush to get a silky effect. Highlight cheekbones with a light, rosy blusher that will subtly catch the light. Remember to always apply blusher to the contours of your face for a chiselled look.

Eyes are the most important part of the face and for the evening it should be intense and sexy. Dark eye shadow colours such as deep grey, brown and black should be in a creamy texture as they are light-reflecting and add shimmer. Apply kohl along the base of the lashes to highlight the eyes and then apply a black pencil under the eye. The trick to applying eye-shadow is to make sure that you start from the inner corner of the eye, working your way to the outer corner. Add a little eye shadow under the eye at the level of the eye lashes. Finish your eye make-up by applying volumising mascara to give depth and intensity to captivating eyes. If you like a bit of dazzle, apply a touch of glitter to your eyelids and the top of your cheekbones.

When it comes to lipstick, choose a dark colourstay one, which will give your lips and intense, star appeal. A touch of lip gloss to the centre of your lips will create a shiny, irresistible look.
Special occasions and nights out are the perfect opportunity to live out your make-up fantasies. Fake eyelashes, stick-on jewels, glitter and shimmer powders can all be part of your glam look.