Gadget Buddies

Gadget Buddies

By Imran Khan

Graphics maestros Nvidia enter the console market
Nvidia is a name that most of us have come into contact with somewhere along the line, whether it has been through reading the specs of your new computer, or going out to buy a graphics card at the local computer shop. The Nvidia Corporation has given us top quality graphics cards and graphics processors from the day they opened their doors in 1993.Through the years they have grown into a powerhouse that focuses a lot of resources into graphics processor chip development.

However, of late they have decided to take a slight change in their direction. Nvidia has powered all of the big names, including Sony’s PlayStation and the Microsoft Xbox, but now they are stepping up to the plate themselves: Nvidia is producing their first in house gaming console.

The console is a handheld device they have named the Nvidia Shield. It is quite impressive in its specifications. It will make use of a 72 core Nvidia GeForce graphics unit coupled with a Quad Core processing unit. That is a lot of power, but they have decided to go big or go home. Players will get to play their games on a 5 inch 720 pixel retinal quality multi-touch screen. The best of all is that this system runs on Android software, Jelly Bean to be exact.
We also found out that the console will be motion sensitive and feature a full gamepad, complete with two analogue sticks. This console is definitely not something we have seen from manufacturers so far.

That’s just the issue though. With a flip top screen and a very square form factor, we ask ourselves if this console will be a success upon release. Sure, it boasts impressive processing power, but will it sell, especially when the PlayStation 4 makes its way into stores? Nvidia has been quite clever in waiting so long to release their own console. They had this idea for years, but they played to their strengths. Being a hardware manufacturer they did not overinvest in software and by using Android software they have saved millions, a very good move indeed.

We look forward to seeing this console in South Africa soon, but fear it might just be another PSP Go device; hyped for a month or two and then it all dies down. However, the flipside to this is that the Nvidia Shield may get them into a new space in the technology market.