DBN – Theatre Guide 12-18 July 2013

Can you feel it
South Africa’s finest theatre performers have been cast for this production and it is one not to be missed.
Until 14th July @ 7pm
R100 – R120
Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre, Tel: 031-260-2296

The king in blue
A drama that is written for the local people with specific lessons and morals that apply to the local people of Durban.
Until 6th September @ 12pm
Gateway Theatre of Shopping, Tel: 031-514-0500

Call me Lee
A musical journey across the classics.
14th July @ 8pm
Rhumbelow Theatre, Tel: 031-205-7602

Mamma Mia Musical
This is a production that has been adapted for South African Audiences and is performed by a cast of 100 performers.
13th July @ 7pm
Durban city Hall, Tel: 031-311-1111