Only a few days left of Cape Town’s laughter cure

Only a few days left of Cape Town’s laughter cure

SHOW: The Jive Funny Festival
CAST: Alan Committie, Kev Orkian, Marc Lottering, Siv Ngesi, , Wilfredo, Taylor Jackson, Carl Wastie and Guy McDonald
VENUE: Baxter Theatre until July 7
REVIEW: Melissa Cohen

I have to start off by saying that I, as many others do, enjoy laughing. That being (rather obviously) said, I have never made the effort to go and watch any live comedy acts. Recently, people who have been attending the performances of the Jive Funny Festival have been sharing their excitement with me, so my curiosity overcome my ignorance and I went to experience this hilarious festival for myself.
There are various acts that perform during the show, among them, many British, which amazed me as I was convinced that the festival was aimed at promoting local acts. Although there were only a few local acts, I got the feeling that they were desperately ‘running the race’ for the loudest applause from the audience.

With this being said, I was slightly confused as to what the point of Cash Reddy’s weak Indian character was. In my opinion, the character was useless and dropped the energy in the theatre, as many of the people around me were silent during his jokes. The witty and charismatic MC Alan Committie came to the rescue, though. I really felt Committie’s energy and passion throughout his performance and introductory pieces and he was definitely the best person for the MC Job; his audience interaction is second to none.

The UK’s Kev Orkian was another one of my favourites as he does not fit anyone’s idea of the archetypiocal “stand-up” comedian. Orkian incorporated his skilled piano playing and ‘rapper’ impressions to ensure that his segment was unique, memorable and incredibly funny.
Generally the evening was held together well by Committee and the rest of the professionals. I did, however find that Marc Lottering’s act has become a bit clichéd as he was telling jokes that I had definitely already heard. It would have been welcome if they made the headline act a local performer who is new to the scene; someone who would be able to bring a different perspective to South African comedy other than the typical racial jabs and governmental hits.

With this all being said, I am really glad that this festival was my first taste of live comedy. Although some of the acts weren’t to my tastes, they are all extremely different and that’s what excited me throughout the show – I never knew what I was going to see next. There’s only a few days left of the Jive Funny Festival, so if you have had a stressful week at the office, or if your partner is being a nuisance, go get your tickets now and laugh your worries away.

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