Gadget Buddies

Gadget Buddies

By Imran Khan

This week we take a break from gadgets and look at some new game releases in South Africa. The year has been quite forgiving in terms of gaming software and some really good titles have come to South African retailers. Here is a list of the top selling games at the moment.

The Sims 3: Island Paradise’
Maxis and Electronics Arts, the games developers, have released yet another exciting game. The back drop for the ‘Sims 3’ is Island Paradise. For the first time ever, players can dive beneath the waves and explore what lies on the ocean floor, build and cruise along on their very own houseboat or discover uncharted islands and create and run a five-star resort experience. With so many innovative features introduced for the first time in ‘The Sims’ PC gaming franchise, ‘The Sims 3: Island Paradise’ truly opens up a world of new possibilities for players to discover on land and in sea.

‘The Last Of Us’
The game is set in a bleak future world where the population has been decimated and the United States Government has fallen. The cities are now being taken over by nature and dark smog blankets the sky line. You play as Joel, a ruthless survivor with very few morals, based in the last quarantine area. Joel is given a mission to take care of a young girl and deliver her to another quarantine zone. Through this journey they encounter different survivors and battle to stay alive against infected humans. This is a very entertaining game that encourages players to solve complex problems and use based everyday, discarded items to survive.

‘Skyrim Legendary Edition’
If you have played the previous games you would agree that ‘Skyrim’ pushes the boundaries of gameplay and most importantly the graphics capabilities of modern games. The game starts with the empire of Tamriel falling and amidst the conflict brought about there is a scramble for the throne. Players have the option of playing as any character in the game and use a variety of weapons, spells and abilities to complete their quest. The graphics of the game are quite spectacular with mountains, entire cities, green fields and real time rolling clouds. All in all this game is amazing on all standards and proof of this is its 200 plus game of the year awards that the ‘Skyrim’ franchise has won.

The games featured this week are all available at local retailers and we would urge you to try one of them this weekend. Take care when purchasing – we are finding a new trend where developers are bringing out games as well as deluxe packs. The deluxe packs usually cost a bit more but all the extra content is definitely worth it.

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