Cape Town Games to develop skills in a fun way

The City of Cape Town’s Sport, Recreation and Amenities Department will host the inaugural Cape Town Games, in partnership with various stakeholders – including district and local sports councils, federations and volunteers.

Activities will include table tennis, pool, dominoes, chess, morabaraba, 30 Seconds, Scrabble, football, five-a-side soccer, netball, dibeke, drie stokkies and senior games.

Date:         Saturday 29 June 2013

Time:        09:00 to 15:00

Venue:      Sarepta Sports Complex, Mission Road, Kuils River

“As part of the City’s commitment to building a Caring City where people are healthy and active, we are prioritising events that encourage people to keep mentally and physically active. The range of sports and activities included in this tournament ensures that there is something on offer for everyone.

“We look forward to seeing participants taking the opportunity to develop their skills in a competitive event whilst having a lot of fun. I hope that this event will serve to show residents the many sports that are on offer in the City’s sports and recreation facilities and encourage them to become involved,” said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Community Services and Special Projects, Alderman Belinda Walker.

These games are set to become an annual fixture on the City’s events calendar and will in future be held on 27 April each year as part of the Freedom Day celebrations.

The City’s Sport, Recreation and Amenities Department has embarked on a campaign to increase the number of residents participating in regular sport and recreation activities. Research studies have shown a direct correlation between increased participation in such activities and improved health, improved life skills, and a decrease in: HIV/AIDS infections, teenage pregnancies, gangsterism, substance abuse and violence against women and children, to name but a few.

As part of this strategy, the Department has established recreation hubs across the city – from Atlantis to Khayelitsha. Numerous sport and recreation activities are practised at these centres on a daily basis.

The objective of the Cape Town Games is to encourage mass participation within the communities and showcase the various activities that the City has to offer at the recreation hubs, community centres and other sports facilities.

These games will bring communities together in various age categories, namely under-14; under-18; under-35; and over-35, including both males and females. Participants are selected from recreation hubs and community centres by taking part in area and district games.

The Cape Town Games will target community members who regularly participate in programmes hosted by the Department, and who do not ordinarily participate in sporting tournaments.