Gadget Buddies

Gadget Buddies

By Imran Khan

Not too long ago you would have read our article that we published on the top gaming consoles in South African stores. We hope you enjoyed that article, but it looks that there will soon be a new kid on the block. The dawn of a new console is upon us. E3, the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, took place at the Los Angeles Convention Centre this month. Every year, thousands of people attend the show where technology companies like Microsoft and Sony show off their advancements in technology.
With that said, E3 brought news about the latest Xbox console, the Xbox One as well as news about new game titles.

Xbox One
The Xbox One console is the latest gaming system from Microsoft. A departure from the Xbox 360, the Xbox One runs on a new generation of hardware. AMD powers the new console with an 8 Core Jaguar processor and 8 gigabytes of ram. The graphics processing unit is from the Radeon HD 7790 graphics card and will reach peak power of 1.23 Teraflops (a measure of computer speed). Microsoft has finally decided to put in a Blu-ray drive which is great for new games and to allow you to watch Blu-ray movies. However, the bad part of this is that the new Xbox is not backwards compatible.
Further, Microsoft has mentioned that the latest Xbox will have to be online all the time, even while users are playing. This does not seem like a good idea at all we would say and it might hurt marketing in emerging markets.

‘South Park: The Stick Of Truth’
We are avid ‘South Park’ fans and when it was announced that there will be a game out soon we had to find out more. The game will be about a quest that the player goes on, playing as a ‘South Park’ character, to defeat all things bad. The bad things are based on ideas from the TV series like the Crab People and The Hippies. Definitely sounds like a fun game.

Assassins Creed 4: Black flag
‘The Assassins Creed’ franchise has enjoyed great success both on PC and consoles. Ubisoft is back with a new game and more character tricks to challenge the player. After E3 their website has been jammed, but we contacted other sources to find out more. The new game character will be Edward Kenway and he will play the role of Assassin, Privateer and Pirate. It’s this combination that will create a new setting for future games. Several historical figures are mentioned in the game and like all these games so far, the story is well thought out and should link to the gaming experience very well.