JHB – Theatre Guide 14 – 20 June 2013

Mother to Mother
A moving theatre drama that tells the life story of the mother of a murderer.
Until 16th June @ 8pm
The Market Theatre, Tel: 011-832-1641

Solomon and Marion
A story of two worlds that collide on stage to form a spectacular show.
16th June @ 8pm
Theatre on the square, Tel: 011-883-8606

We are the champions
The show pays tribute to the great names in the music world and takes audiences on a musical journey.
16th June @ 8pm
R75 – R150
Barnyard Theatre, Tel: 011-478-5300

Pieter Toerien presents this production at Monte casino starring an all South African cast.
16th June 2 8pm
R100 – R160
Monte Casino Theatre, Tel: 011-511-1988