Winter Murder Mystery Dinners is back, at a new venue

Winter Murder Mystery Dinners is back, at a new venue

The Unsolved Mysteries team and Richard’s Supper Stage & Bistro have teamed up to provide an enticing blend of mystery, mayhem and mouthwatering cuisine at their Winter Murder Mystery Dinner series running from June to September 2013.
The themes for the series are as follows:

1981 Idolz Electrocution (June 28)
Tension is running high as five contestants reach the finals for the 1981 American Idolz Competition. During a live recording Phil Ronin, the favourite in the competition, dies horribly after being electrocuted by the microphone. Suspects include two fanatical fans, the four hopefuls and two judges. Dress up theme: 80’s pop or rock

On a Slippery Soap (July 26)
The cast of the popular daytime soap ‘Tomorrow The Sun Will Rise’ were shocked and horrified at the discovery of the body of Melody Chandler. Miss Chandler was well known for brilliantly filling the role of Emma Backsburg, the femme fatale of the day time soap. The cause of death still needs to be determined but foul play has not been ruled out. Dress up theme: Glamorous.

Bloody Mary (August 30)
Las Vegas is playing host to the annual Miss Universe in Drag and every queen from every corner of the world has put on her eyelashes and is strutting towards winning the coveted crown. Finally the top 10 finalist were chosen and even though the claws were out what happened next was unheard of. The main contender Mary Massapequa was found dead in her dressing room… a tomato and vodka cocktail still clutched in her hand. Everyone is a suspect and before the new Miss Universe in Drag can be crowned, a murderer needs to be exposed! Dress up theme: In drag.

The Art of Civilized Bushwhacking (September 27)
In 1947 at the start of the Cold War the stakes get even higher at an underground poker game for billionaires held at a secret location in the province of Cognac, France. At exactly 20:01 a shot rings through the air and horror-struck guests discover the body of Hans Dressler, their host. On closer inspection it is observed that he is clutching a piece of a Berlin city map. All bets are off as players now buy-in to play in a deadly game of Russian roulette as they try and figure out who murdered Hans and why before the killer strikes again. Dress up theme: 1940’s

Each event will have tables accommodating eight people respectively and while it is great fun to book a table of eight friends, bookings of 2 and upwards are welcome. The cost of R300 per person includes a welcome drink, 3-course meal and of course, the murder mystery game hosted by the Unsolved Mysteries team.
So get to costume shopping already.

Notes on how Unsolved Mystery Murder Mystery Dinners work
• Each murder mystery game involves eight characters (participants) who are all suspects in a (fictitious) murder.

• Participants receive their character details a week before the event to allow them time to prepare and “get into” character.

• The “murderer” knows from the get-go as to who he/she is.

• On the evening of the event, participants arrive and are seated at tables of eight. Each table of eight has the same characters and all participants are playing the same game, albeit it at a number of different tables.

• Each participant receives a character information booklet and, over the course of three 3-course meal, follows the clues and instructions inside the booklet.

• By questioning, accusing, avoiding, ad-libbing and having loads of fun, participants will work their way up to an accusation at the end of the 3rd set of clues, after which the Author’s Solution is revealed.

• An Unsolved Mysteries host is on hand throughout the evening to steer the process.

* Richard’s Supper Stage and Bistro is situated at 229A Main Road, Cnr. Glengariff, Sea Point.
For more information and for bookings, call 084 993 8040, or send an email to