Vlismas returns a little older, a little wise(r)cracking

Vlismas returns a little older, a little wise(r)cracking

Celebrated SA comedian John Vlismas is set to debut his new show ‘40’ at Gold Reef City’s Lyric Theatre on June 14 and 15.

While most people would celebrate their 40th birthday with a landmark party, John Vlismas will be doing the two things he loves best – talking dirty, and making people laugh
The short, but sharp troublemaker, who describes himself as “the thinking woman’s scumbag” says that ‘40’ will be his most audacious show to date. “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to hit 40 – I must say, I’m almost there, and I’m still chewing my own food, I get wood on demand, I don’t get out of breath when I use stairs, and Steve Hofmeyr still hates me, so the signs are that everything is as it should be,” says Vlismas.

Having become well-known for his part in staging some of the best comedy productions in South Africa, including the SA Comic’s Choice Awards and ‘Mass Hysteria’, Vlismas says he will be working extra hard on the design of this production to make sure that there are plenty of creative surprises for the audience, as well as a whole bunch of new material, including his most outrageous and thought-provoking yet. While he is loathe to divulge too much, he says that there may be nudity, live music and albinos. Rhinos may come in for a lambasting, as will people in wheelchairs, the illiterate, the rich, tourists, rugby fans and people who march.

He describes the show as a semi-biographical and gut-wrenchingly funny tour of the rainbow nightmare, where horror and belly laughter are neighbours, where everyone gets it and no one gets out alive.
While this may sound shocking and offensive, we have come to learn that Vlismas very seldom opens his big mouth without a great deal of reading and thinking first.

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