DBN – Theatre Guide 10 – 16 May 2013

Glory Days
A musical extravaganza through the 80’s that brings back the hits and memories from yester year.
12th May @ 8pm
Barnyard Theatre, Gateway, Tel: 031-566-3045

Long way to go
The story of a soldier who endures basically everything in order to overcome obstacles in his life.
11th May @ 7:30pm
The Playhouse company, Tel: 031-369-9596

Rocking the greatest hits
Get ready to Rock!
12th May @ 8pm
Rhumbelow Theatre, Tel: 031-205-7602

Quarter Beans Bru
The show is set in a Durban take away where people come to buy vegetarian bunnies and talk to the owner about their problems and personal accolades.
12th May @ 8pm
Catalina Theatre, Tel: 031-305-6889

Peru and Bala
Comedy duo Peru and Bala have over 13 years in the comedy industry behind them and a radio show thats loved by most of Durban.
11th May @ 8pm
iZulu Theatre, Tel: 031-5880-5555

Born to dance
Showcasing some great dance talent and music.
11th May @ 7pm
Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre, Tel: 031-260-2296