JHB – Music Guide 03 – 09 May 2013

DJ Fresh
One of South Africa’s top DJ’s will be shredding the decks in Sandton.
3th May @ 9pm
Icon Sandton, Tel: 011-783-3860

Toy Toy
House and techno music party that features some of the best artists in South Africa and the world.
3rd May @ 9pm
Capital Music Cafe, Tel: 085-716-3490

Jennifer Rush
She has been on the music scene for years and South African fans will be glad to see her perform here finally. Its long over due.
3rd May @ 8pm
Emperors Palace, Tel: 011-928-1937

The Graeme Watkins Project
One of South Africa’s hottest bands ever!
3rd May @ 7pm
Rumours Lounge, Tel: 082-098-3305

The Hedgehog music festival
Metal, punk, rock and more will be the focus of this party and it is all for a good cause.
4th May @ 5pm
The Doors Nightclub, Tel: 011-453-7673

Reggae against rape and abuse
A concert to raise awareness against rape and abuse!
4th May @ 12pm
Shine Studios, Tel: 011-403-8097

Mike Bester and Thomas Dancer
Two super talented SA musicians.
4th May @ 10am
The perfect cup, Tel: 011-486-0683

Andile Yenana
He is a talented pianist and will have you
in awe at his skills on the keys!
4th May @ 8:30pm
Niki’s Oasis, Tel: 011-838-9733