Health & Beauty: Powerful Serums

Health & Beauty: Powerful Serums

By RoxyK

With all the new products on the market, it is quite difficult to choose one that is suitable for your skin. Cold weather and everyday pollution can also cause damage to delicate skin and extra protection is needed.

So besides the everyday cleansing, toning and moisturizing comes the new concept of the power serum. Made by nearly every company in the skin care range, this is now a must, which goes first on the skin before your moisturizer. We know that a moisturizer provides instant relief to the skin and also has anti-aging properties, but in order to optimize your moisturizer’s action it is important to add one more step to your beauty regime. Known as the super potent power serum, it is said to reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles and dryness.

They are light, fast-absorbing and could be used as an alternative to lotions. Serums are formulated to address specific concerns such as wrinkles, firming, age spots and discolorations. Serums address needs that cannot be addressed with a moisturizer. The structure of the molecules of a serum is smaller than that of a moisturizer and therefore allows a deeper penetration into the skin. They are generally lighter and have all the benefits from retinol and antioxidants that can tackle any beauty issue.

Serums are oil free and therefore absorb quickly and do not conflict with other bases.
Applying a moisturizer over your serum gives you additional emollients, which are excellent for dry skins. There are many different kinds of serums such as acne preventing serums, anti-aging serums, skin-tightening serums, facial resurfacing and skin brightening.
Those with Vitamin C can be used to protect the face from sun damage.

The serums which contain Matrixyl and hyaluronic acid can reduce wrinkles. The retinol and peptide facial serums are excellent anti-aging solutions. Serums are excellent just before bedtime as this prevents wrinkles and fine lines from forming. Before applying your serum, cleanse your face, tone and then add dots of serum onto your face. Use mild gentle upward and outward strokes to blend the serum into your skin. Allow for full absorption before applying your moisturizer. Always apply your serum to the neck area as well.

Powerful eye serums are helpful if you have dark circles, puffiness and tired eyes. It also removes fine wrinkles on the sides of your eyes. The regular use of a serum can help you revitalize your face and work on your special needs. Serums provide the best and the most cost effective alternative treatment for wrinkles and signs of aging.