What’s in a Mona Lisa smile?

What’s in a Mona Lisa smile?

Legendary South African actress Lizz Meiring will perform for three evenings at Die Boer Theatre Restaurant next week in the new show ‘Mona Lisa’. The performer is celebrating 30 successful years in showbiz and can be seen at the venue from May 2 to 4 at 8.30pm nightly.

‘Mona Lisa’ is Meiring’s ninth solo show. In the tragi-comedy, written by the actress as well, the theme is the world’s most famous and beloved portrait of Lisa del Giagondo. It mystified the actress that no play has been specifically written on this subject matter, so Meiring decided to pick up the mantle. The Mona Lisa painting was in the news as recently as February of this year, when an earlier version of this work was verified as being a genuine Da Vinci.

In this theatrical version of the Mona Lisa, Meiring ‘s love of the visual arts, her rich imagination and delicate sense of pathos and irony combined with robust humour interweave to tell a deeply human story of mankind’s search for the magic in the mundane.

The production spans two worlds – the modern and the Renaissance, with interesting references to the mercurial Da Vinci.
‘Mona Lisa’ is concerned with themes such as dejavu, reincarnation, the current obsessive need for recognition and will entertain with interesting characters and a clever plot. The celebrated Mona Lisa smile will be given an extraordinary explanation.
Gert van Niekerk, responsible for box office hit productions such as ‘Voor Ek Vergeet’ directs Meiring in this unique piece.

* Tickets are R110. Call 021 979 1911 or 083 406 0111 to book.