Local is lekker at Natural Goods Market

Local is lekker at Natural Goods Market

By Melissa Cohen

Beautiful weather; fresh air; the delicious smell of freshly cooked food; the sound of friendly people; great music and an unforgettable atmosphere – this is what you can expect at the Natural Goods Market.
Located in Central Park, placed against the backdrop of Intaka Island, Century City’s very own bird sanctuary, this market not only incorporates unique fresh produce, but also a beautiful setting that really showcases the blessings nature has to offer.
This market, with its relaxed atmosphere, is famous for its wide range of organic produce. With a variety of stalls to explore, this place is a must see for the whole family. Whether it be lounging on the lush green lawns listening to some of Cape Town’s hidden talents, or tasting the unique, homemade cuisine, or even exploring the park on a free steam train ride, the Natural Goods Market is an ideal (and idyllic) place to spend a Sunday with the family.

Not only does the market offer excellent fresh produce, but it also hosts a wide variety of stalls that feature everything from cooked food to curios and even designer napkins. Mercy, a jewellery stall owner, has been working at the market every month since it opened three years ago. “The music is great and you get to share yourself with other people, and sometimes even make some money”, discusses Mercy. Another satisfied stall owner, Rose-Beth, described the market as being terrific. “It is clean, it is sheltered from the harsh elements and the food is divine”, exclaims Rose Beth.

Although the market only happens on the last Sunday of each month, there is always a good turn out and the locals are always present. The March market hosted musical act The Jack Mantis Band. The voices of many excited children frolicking on the jumping castles could be heard through the sound of the tranquil melodies of the local band. With a toy stall, face painting and a clown creating balloon figures, the children seemed to be enjoying their visit to the market. The parents appeared to be no less in their element, probably because they were able to get a bit of peace and quiet from their children for a while as they indulged themselves in something delicious and unique.

After attending the market once, the urge to want to go back next month is present. The homely surroundings, friendly people and of course the wide selection of homemade jewellery, sauces, pies, biltong and cakes, to name a few, is rather endearing. After exploring the market, it wouldn’t be cliché to say that local really is lekker.

* Visit the next market on April 28 from 9am to 2pm. For more information, send an email to naturalgoodsmarket@gmail.com, call 021 531 2173, or visit http://centurycity.co.za/natural-goods-market.