JHB – Music Guide 26 Apr – 02 May 2013

These guys are legends in the Rock music and Heavy Metal Genre. They probably epitomise what is Rock music and Metal sounds. Catch them in Jozie!
27th April @ 8pm
Soccer City, Tel: 011-247-5300

Fat Man Scoop
American Rapper Fat Man Scoop is in town yo! Catch his show this weekend.
26th April @ 10pm
Hush, Tel: 011-447-1082

Brenda Mtambo
She will be performing for just three nights. Brenda is a former member of a famous Gospel group and emerged from this to develop a new sound.
Until 27th April @ 7pm
Old mutual Theatre on the square, Tel: 011-883-8606

A live band performance from a “Shona” band that brings the beautiful sound of Shona music to stage.
26th April @ 8:30pm
Moyo Melrose Arch, Tel: 011-684-1477

Freedom Jazz Dance
A special collaboration evening of some really talented South African musicians.
26th April @ 9pm
Niki’s Oasis, Tel: 011-838-9733

Acoustic Revolution
An awesome female band that will be playing at the house of blues and rock!
26th April @ 8pm
Crossroads, Tel: 076-324-6958

Radio Kalahari Orkes
Winners at the 2005 KKNK festival, these guys will be performing some Afrikaans classic and more.
Until 28th April @ 8pm
Foxwood House, Tel: 011-486-0935

Opera Divas in Concert
Its grand affair of music and opera this weekend. 10 South Afican Opera Diva’s are coming together to perform in a concert of the year!
Until 28th April @ 7:30pm
Carnival city, Tel: 011-898-7000