Encore: Guess the idea is to keep on truckin’

Encore: Guess the idea is to keep on truckin’

Let’s see: Violence is plentiful, as are strikes. Corruption is question-marked daily. Rape is still bounteous. Drugs and drug smugglers abound. Children are having children and dumping them into bins…or, the latest: advertising them for adoption on Gumtree! Yes, I am still very much in sunny South Africa!
Little wonder we can never really get to the more important (and perhaps even the finer) things in life. We are still too busy trying to weed out the baddies.

And the latter seem to be the winners of this battle, never mind that they rue the day! I once joked (or did I?) with friends – the way one jests when comforted by close friends – about my “trucks” theory. Get a sh!t load of trucks together and make promises to those who do not want to work, deal in drugs etc etc etc – basically those who do not wish to contribute to this country’s GDP and/or have no interest in furthering the collective vision for this country (or even just progress for themselves).

Then instead of the promises made to them of houses, money and how-to-stay-at home-and-smoke-or-inject-and-drink-and-make-more-babies, drive them into the ocean…Oh, I know – what a fascist I am! And yes, it is seriously only a joke – one I could only share with close friends! We know the idea is absurd and that it goes against everything we fought for in this country.
What about human rights? Yeah yeah…I know, okay! But have you never had bad thoughts? Perhaps of a murder you would like to commit? Or how you would love to strangle someone…to within an inch of their derisory little excuse for a life? Instead of recognizing and analyzing my latent passive-aggressive tendencies at this point, give me the benefit of the doubt…I also have a vivid, often sardonically humour-infused imagination.
Thing is, we do not do these horrendous acts because we practice restraint and because we have what animals don’t have: the ability to accessorize! I joke.

We, human beings, have the ability to reason; to talk about things and to use logic.
I suppose even here I could say that I joke as some people I know have absolutely no sense of reasoning or how to apply logic to an argument! Seriously, I have seen some fallacious logic in my life!
Throw in the drug-induced status quos and we are in serious animal territory. In fact, I could go so far as to say the animal is far superior to us in many, many ways. They know how to survive, look after one another, and follow a very strict natural order of things…something that alas, has eluded us as humans.

To progress one needs the “marriage of heaven and hell,” according to William Blake. Without contradiction, he postulates, there can be no progress. And I agree. Except, he didn’t live in this country, in this milieu, now did he?
He thought we were all civilized, sitting around dinner tables discussing the state of Denmark! It is true we are not all able to “heave our hearts into our mouths” as Cordelia so consistently reminds us in King Lear. These days, contradiction doesn’t lead to progress; it could lead to your demise, sometimes in the most brutal manner.

But, back to the idea of strangling someone, and the trucks et al. Towards the end of this absurd conjecture a few people would even add their two cents – like someone would propose the idea of standing next to the trucks with a clipboard, doing the “scrutinizing”. Everyone, you see would have to be screened carefully to see whether they “qualify” for the “house”, the “money” and the “promise of a better life”, after which the scrutinizer exclaims: “Congratulations, you qualify. You are on truck number 12.”

While all of us are working hard to be law-abiding and working our touché off to make ends meet and being all those other weird and wonderful things that go with the adult world (not the sex shop) others think it is okay to harm and to kill. What about my right to quip, however acerbic?
I remember someone once telling me, after an argument with her boyfriend: I said to her she should “stay calm”. She insisted: “I am calm. I am very calm. Right now I want to wring his f#ck!ng neck, but I am not going to. That is how calm I am.”