Thank you for tapping out!

Thank you for tapping out!

The City of Cape Town wishes to thank all MyCiTi passengers for tapping out of the service.
Passengers have been “tapping in” to mark the start of their journeys since the myconnect cards were introduced last year. The “tap out” component was introduced two weeks ago.
“We have very encouraging statistics showing that the vast majority of people are tapping out at the end of their journey, and we thank the many thousands of people using MyCiTi for making this change,” says Councillor Brett Herron, Mayoral Committee Member for Transport, Roads and Stormwater.

“This new system will allow us to make improvements later this year, most notably bringing in distance-based fares, which will allow people to only pay for the kilometres they travel.”
All MyCiTi passengers must both tap in and tap out of the service to ensure that the correct fare is deducted from their myconnect cards, and avoid the R16 penalty.

The process of tapping out ensures that the system knows where your journey ends, so that the correct fare can be deducted.
The validators light up yellow when your transaction is being processed, and green when it has been successful. A red light shows you don’t have enough money on your card for the fare.
You will be charged the R16 penalty (R65 on the airport route) if you fail to tap in or out, or if you use the “in” validator when tapping “out” or vice versa. The penalty also applies if you don’t have enough money on your card to pay the fare. The validators show your balance clearly.

If you tap on the wrong validator by mistake, correct this immediately.
If you experience any problems with the system while travelling on a bus, it is important to alert our staff members immediately.
“If you are new to the system, please take a moment to ensure you are tapping in and out correctly,” says Cllr Herron. “Once again, thanks to all MyCiTi passengers.
“Your support is the driving force behind the success of MyCiTi.”

* For more information about the MyCiTi service, log on to or phone the Transport Information Centre on 0800 65 64 63.