Health and Beauty: Healing natural oils

Health and Beauty: Healing natural oils

By RoxyK

When it comes to getting rid of tired, aching muscles the best way is to have a relaxing massage, ideally one where the entire body becomes limp and you get a sense of an out of body experience. This might sound farfetched, but when you drift into a peaceful state and you have a therapist that knows the exact points to work on, now that’s total relaxation.
There are many different kinds of oils and mixtures that are used for massages. Natural oils are the best because they are full of anti-oxidants that hydrate the skin as well as enrich your senses.
Most natural oils have a carrier oil which is usually grape seed oil, followed by herbal oils such as chamomile, lemongrass, lavender or bergamot.

I love the scents of natural oils, especially lemongrass and citronella. Citronella oil placed in a burner is ideal to bring your home alive; it calms, relaxes and revives.
Then there are some mixtures of vitamin-rich oils that have ingredients to detox and uplift the skin.
There are also oils to help tone muscles, firm skin prone to cellulite and decongest the lymphatic system and alleviate water retention.
In my search for the most popular massage oils, I came across the Philosophia Botanica range.
Made in South Africa, they have infused oils such as lemongrass, tangerine, carrot and rosehip oils. It is amazing how this calms the body when it is applied.

The oils are said to be 100% natural with no synthetic fragrances and is also paraben free. The face and body scrub is gentle on the skin and is specially formulated to remove dead cells, impurities, unclog pores and improve circulation of blood and lymph while enhancing the detoxification process. The key ingredients for this miracle worker are a blend of neroli, rooibos leaf, coconut, rosehip and olive oils. Suitable for all types of skin, your face feels softer, cleaner and refreshed.
I also found a skin restorative oil which is an intensive, luxurious anti-aging treatment for the face. Besides providing intense hydration, it nourishes and moisturizes, reducing the first signs of fine lines.

With oils such as geranium, calendula, evening primrose and carrot oils, it helps to soften skin texture and eliminate fine lines.
All you need is a few drops in the palms of your hands and gently massage in upward circular motions on the face, neck and décolletage.

The main purpose of any oil is to repair, heal and moisturise. With key natural ingredients, you are sure to be guaranteed the best results. After using these for a week, your skin will have a luminous glow.
The next time you visit your massage therapist, ask for natural oils to be used – it will make you feel revived and energized.

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