Feel good fashion is easy – you just need to know how to choose

Feel good fashion is easy – you just need to know how to choose

By RoxyK

What exactly is fashion? Well, in simplest terms, fashion is the variety of clothing and accessories people wear to reflect their style, personality or mood. All of this does come at a price based on how much you wish to spend on that perfect look.
From top international designers to some of our local purveyors, you can easily have an image tailor made to suit your needs and if you have the means to afford it.
However, mass production of clothing has made fashion accessible through affordable prices at major retail outlets, so even if you’re not well off, you also have a chance to have that special look.

Some companies associate fashion only with mass branding, while entrepreneurs are able to create fashion for a niche market and target a clientele that requires a definite style.  We hope to focus on some local designers and fashion retailers in an effort to steer you in a more authentic direction. From the current autumn and winter ranges that are out, we will look at how best you can look and feel good. From daily work wear to that special little black dress look, we will try and keep you in the loop on a regular basis.
Your body type is important when choosing clothing so take note of the following:

If your shape is small on the chest and wide at the pelvis:
• Rather opt for V necklines on tops with larger patterns.
• If you are wearing a jacket then the best would be a waist length one.
• Pants and skirts should be dark, solid colours.
• Skirts should be straight cut.

Women with small hips and wide shoulders:
• Wear clothing that focus on your hips and legs.
• Use snug fitting tops and wide skirts.
• Wear skirts with full patterns.

A person with a narrow waist, larger hips and chest:
• Choose dresses with a wide belt.
• Wear jackets and tops at waist length.

Then there are some ladies with full, round hips and larger chests:
• Avoid any clothes that bring the eye to focus on the middle of your bodies.
• Tops should be straight cut and slightly loose fitting.
• Pants and skirts should have small waistbands with wider flowing bottoms.
• Wear jackets at thigh length and patterns with vertical lines.

Most house brands and fashion designers are now acknowledging the different shapes of real women. Try on an outfit at your favourite clothing store which suits your body type. Feel beautiful and confident and choose an outfit that is best for you. Choosing the correct clothes will always make you look and feel great.