JHB – Music Guide 12 – 18 Apr 2013

Jazz Fridays with Stix Hojeng
Stix is a master of jazz; he composes his own music, plays bass ad piano fluently. A true man of his craft. Catch him performing a free set this Friday!
12th April @ 12pm
Melrose Arch, Tel: 011-684-1477

Minutes of Mercy
An evening of blues and rock with some of South Africa’s upcoming bands.
12th April @ 7:30pm
Crossroads, Tel; 076-324-6958

The Trees
Enjoy a night of music with a hot line up of South African artists ready to perform on stage.
12th April @ 8pm
Amuse Cafe, Tel: 084-555-5252

So of 1000 Live at The Library
Stop of at the Brazen Head for an evening of rock ‘n roll with Son of 1000.
13th April @ 8pm
Brazen Head, Sandton, Tel: 011-783-6122

Mike Bester and Thomas Dancer
A Saturday morning gig, quite different. Sit down to some warm pancakes and a live musical act. This week sees the likes of Mike Bester and Thomas Dancer gracing the stage.
13th April @ 10am
The Perfect Cup, Tel: 011-486-0683

Johnny Clegg
With his legendary stage antics and eclectic mix of South African music, Johhny Clegg is a must see for everyone. He is our very own “white zulu” as he is fluent in Zulu and sings in teh language as well.
Until 14th April @ 9pm
The Lyric Theatre, Tel: 011-248-5168

Live Sundays with Saving Silence
Every Sunday sees a new live band performing at the Q.ba Caffe Cocktail Lounge. This Sunday “Savig Silence” will be up on stage.
14th April @ 12pm
Q.ba Caffe Cocktail Lounge, Tel: 011-452-1039

Louise Carver
Louise has been recording her music from the age of fifteen and has here tracks featured on radio charts around the country. She has reinvented her sound to include electronic sounds and new grooves. A real treat!
14th April @ 8pm
Barnyard Theatre, Tel: 011-467-6983