Encore: SA’s next top (role) model

Encore: SA’s next top (role) model

So I was listening to talk radio (as I do daily) on Sunday morning. They do a technology report-type thing…something I am not particularly interested in but, there it is.
This week the presenter and the person who does this report were sooooooo excited because apparently Apple – the computer people (not the pie or the juice or the fruit people) are bringing out their new Apple TV.

This television, she said in the most elated manner, has a remote device you put on your finger – like a ring – and simply point at the TV to change channels. It is, and I quote: “The ultimate in laziness and awesomeness,” she exclaimed.
Firstly, I am not a huge fan of anyone who uses the word “awesome”.
And an even smaller fan of those that turn it into a noun…and still an even smaller fan of the ones who say it the way she does…with the American inflection!!!

And forgive me if I am going to pull in the reins at the commentary on the HOW it was said and not dignify the actual statement she made with a comment…Oh and of course she can’t wait for it to come to South Africa! If she could, she would order hers now already. There. ‘Nuf said.
Which brings me nicely to what I really wanted to talk about this week.
Actually I have no idea how that brings me here…but here goes…I was going to talk about role models. You know those people that our youngsters are supposed to look up to?

The same ones that should be setting examples with their impeccable moral compasses and their equally impressive sense of honesty? I was thinking about this in the light of recent events concerning a certain Mr Pistorius and the fact that Mr Mandela is probably on his last legs (something, with no pun intended, I can’t really say about the former) as he is working his merry way into competing in world athletics as well as writing the proverbial book about his life.
That is what they do, right? I am a cheat, I write a book about it. I get caught in a Jacuzzi with a couple of strange women wearing nothing but a smile, getting high on everything but my socks – I write a book about it.

It’s like this methinks: I try to show the world what an exemplary human being I am so that they can love me, adore me and throw money at me. Meanwhile I am not that person at all. I try to get away with it as much as I possibly can, living the high life and all…until I get caught and shown up as the real me.
Then I lose my income and my popularity.
But, I have made so much money already as a cheat that my standard of living hasn’t really dropped. I become infamous instead and I write a book and make money that way! Oh, and I get to market my book on Oprah!
In the case of Mr Pistorius – there is no cheating really, but one cannot help but think: does he not know what happened on that fateful day?

Surely he, being the wonderful golden boy that he is, knows exactly what he did (or didn’t do) on that day?
And, irrespective of whether there is an electric chair with your name on it somewhere waiting for you, it is still an individual’s choice to come clean and be an honest human being.
I am reminded of ‘The Crucible’ where a character was willing to die for his principles…where are those characters in this day and age? But just as soon as I am reminded of this, I am also reminded that we live in a world of quick fixes, and where fake is fashionable.