DBN – Theatre Guide 05 – 11 Apr 2013

The Rise of Insanity League
This is a sketch based comedy show that sees three comedians take the audience on laughter filled theatre trip.
Until 28th April @ 7:30pm
Elizabeth Sneddon theatre, Tel: 083-915-8000

Rocking in a free world!
A musical journey of Rock takes place on stage. 12 key points of the world are visited, these are areas that helped shape Rock music over the years.
7th April @ 8pm
Barnyard Theatre, Tel: 031-566-3045

The Playhouse company bring you an epic Shakespearean play that will have you captivated.
Until 8th April @ 9am
The Playhouse Company, Tel: 031-369-9596

Princess Hyacinth, The Horrid
A show that showcases the talents of the newly formed youngster theatre. Actors, dancers and acrobats from aged 5 will showcase their talents.
Until 7th April @ 7pm
The Playhouse Company, Tel: 031-369-9596

Bad Romance
A music review and comedy show based on the story of 2 brothers looking for matric ball dates. Mayhem unfolds in the form of song, skits and comedy.
Until 7th April @ 8pm
R100 – R80
Catalina Theatre, Tel: 031-305-6889