Health and Beauty: Great hands require perfect manicures

Health and Beauty: Great hands require perfect manicures

By RoxyK

Since our hands are always exposed and could easily give our age away, it can be beneficial on occasion to treat our hands and nails to an intense manicure. At home you could follow a simple routine. Firstly, wash hands with a creamy hand wash, followed by an exfoliation and then massage thoroughly with a moisturiser. Remember to apply sunscreen when going in the sun and always use a good quality nail polish.

If this is too much of an effort and like me you prefer someone else doing the treatment, then the best would be to book at your favourite spa or nail bar. The nail bar that works for me is at the Life Day Spa. Here you are guaranteed an intense, relaxing treatment by a professional therapist. The method done involves a full hand massage. After the hand creams are applied, the nails are carefully cleaned, cuticles brushed back and neatened. The nails are shaped by filing and a buffer gives the nails a shine. A primer is applied followed by a nail colour of your choice. The whole procedure is done with care and professionalism.

Some important tips to remember about a manicure: always moisturise the cuticle area to avoid cracking and peeling. Never use finger nails as tools to pry things open. Always moisturise the hands after use of soapy water and apply sunscreen during the day to prevent skin damage. Change nail implements often to prevent bacteria being transferred by the tools to your nails, which could cause an infection. Make sure that any tools used by a therapist are properly sterilized. Never ignore any nail inflammation; any change to the nail appearance must be seen by a dermatologist.

Nail polish is the perfect element that can help change your look in just a few minutes. However, with so many options out there, it is too hard to decide which nail colour would work best. You can make the right choice according to your skin tone, the occasion or season. This season INGLOT has produced the most amazing nail colours. Their products are all natural and a guaranteed chip-free polish. The well shaped, soft bristles on the brush glide perfectly over nails. The results are always perfect.

The autumn colours range from deep purples to matching tan colours. The best to try are nail enamel 714 and the O2M nail enamel 636. The crackle polish is still very popular. First apply a colour of your choice and then when you apply a transparent top coat, a unique cracked and flaked pattern evolves. Inglot has been in the industry for over 25 years so when it comes to perfection, they know exactly how to formulate it. Always use good quality nail-polish and hydrating moisturisers for smooth, soft looking hands.