City announces change to MyCiTi Bus payment card system

From this weekend, passengers on MyCiTi buses need to remember to tap in and out when using our buses in preparation for the distance-based fare system. Read more below:

The City of Cape Town will this coming weekend launch the next step in the implementation of the myconnect payment system for the MyCiTi Bus.

Starting on Saturday 30 March 2013, all passengers will be required to tap their cards against card readers, called validators, both when entering and leaving the buses or stations.

“Doing this will ensure better management of the fare system. By requiring our passengers to tap-in and out when they enter and exit the system we can better monitor the service and improve it to meet the changing needs of our passengers. The introduction of Tap in and out will also reduce the possibility for people to evade paying for travel on MyCiTi,” said Councillor Brett Herron, Mayoral Committee Member for Transport, Roads and Stormwater.

New gates have already been installed at MyCiTi bus stations. A validator has been installed at these gates. Two validators have also been installed at the front of all feeder buses – the closest validator to the bus’ door is for entering and the other validator for exiting the system.

Passengers will be required to tap their card twice: firstly, against the IN validator (either on the bus or at the bus station to open the gates) when boarding a bus or entering a station.  The second time they must tap their card against the validator is when disembarking a bus or leaving a bus station on the OUT validator.

Passengers who fail to tap when leaving the system, or tap against the wrong machine when entering or leaving the system, will be charged a penalty fee.

“You will also be charged a penalty fare if you do not have enough money on your card to cover your entire fare. This will happen if your card has enough money for your R5,30 boarding fare when you enter the system, but not enough for the remainder of your fare when you leave. Check the validator for your balance. When you see LOW BALANCE, top up urgently. The penalty fare will be deducted from your card the next time you use it,” said Councillor Herron.

Fare evaders may be prosecuted and charged a penalty fare of up to R210,00.

“When you hold your card against the validator and see a yellow light, remove it and wait. A green light and one beep means the transaction was successful. When you see the words LOW BALANCE, top up urgently. A red light and five beeps means the transaction was unsuccessful,” said Councillor Herron.

The City will deploy extra staff members during the first two weeks of this new arrangement, to assist passengers in tapping their cards in the correct manner. There will be informational posters in all bus stations and pamphlets will be distributed to passengers. Information will also be posted on the MyCiTi website and Facebook page.

Passengers can also ask the bus driver or station staff members if they are not sure about which validator to use when boarding or disembarking.

The costs of trips will remain the same, namely: R5,30 for feeder buses, R10,60 for trunk buses, and R57,00 for the bus that runs between the Airport and the Civic Centre.

Further information on the MyCiTi Bus system will also be posted on the website at