MyCiTi, Your Places: Maestros on the Beach

MyCiTi, Your Places: Maestros on the Beach

By Lauren Kansley

Today we launch the first in a series of articles featuring a hidden gem along any of the MyCiti routes. The spot could be a cafe, restaurant, cool clothing shop or even a park – anything we (and by extension you) think Capetonians would love to hear about.
To get the ball rolling I have selected my absolute favourite restaurant, which is a few minutes’ walk from the Woodbridge MyCiti stop along the Milnerton trunk route.

Perched directly on Milnerton beach, Maestros on the Beach offers panoramic views of Table Mountain and the sea. The setting is casual enough to pop in for sundowners after a day on the beach while still offering a venue that caters to special functions like weddings and birthday celebrations.

But while the location is stunning I think Maestros on the Beach’s best feature is its reasonable prices and incredibly generous portion sizes. I regularly share the Nadine, which is two medium sized croissants oozing chicken, avo and bacon with a side portion of chips for R59. A snip if you split the bill and enough to keep the hunger pangs away while leaving you enough energy for a walk on the beach afterwards.
And Maestros is also one of a few places that feature the hangover cure of an all-day breakfast, so you can get your bacon and egg fix at 10pm if you like.

If you are in the mood for a great steak ditch the Spur for a change and try their Hollandse Biefstuk, which is panfried in butter with a mound of mushrooms. Their menu warns that good food takes time to prepare, but I would wait forever for that heavenly meal which costs around R128.
A popular feature is the Saturday breakfast buffet for only R60 and the Sunday lunch buffet for R110.
So go on – charge up your myconnect card and get down there pronto.

* Visit out and tell us your favourite spot and you could be featured in the paper.
Call Maestros on the Beach at 021 551 4992.