DBN – Theatre Guide 15-21 March 2013

Last Thoughts
A proudly Durban production featuring flat foot dancing work by 6 talented
dancers. Not to be missed.
Until 17th March @ 7:30pm
R80 – R150
Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre, Tel: 031-260-2296

The Calf with no name
A story of a youn boy that commits a terrible act and how he stives to right
the wrong. Its an excellent story for kids as it teaches some valuable life
Until 16th March @ 10am
The Stable Theatre, Tel: 031-309-2513

Rocking in a free world
The show takes you on a rock and roll journey around the world. An amazing
journey of music and memories of the years.
Until 17th March @ 8pm
Barnyard Theatre, Tel: 031-566-3045

Walking in Memphis
Get ready to be transported back to the days of of the 70’s when Elvis was
the King of the Rock and roll scene.
Until 17th March @ 8pm
Rhumbelow Theatre, Tel: 031-205-7602

One of the oldest form of theatre entertainment. From the extravagant
costumes to show girls and choreographes moves. This show has it all.
Until 17th March @ 8:30pm
The Heritage Theatre, Tel: 031-765-4197

The African Passion
The world premiere will bring the Passion of Christ to life through an
innovative gospel themed show.
Until 17th March @ 7pm
Umlazi Oasis Fellowship Centre, Tel: 031-907-1456

This classic South African Set Work will be brought to the Catalina Theatre
stage. Its follows the story of the old days back in Sophia town.
Until 27th March @ 11am
Catalina Theatre,Tel: 031-305-6889