Cape Town Carnival pays homage to our shared past

Cape Town Carnival pays homage to our shared past

Do you remember running home from school to make it in time to watch ‘Liewe Heksie’ and Bennie Bookwurm? Or to listen to the legendary Gcina Mhlophe deliver one of her imaginative stories? Or to sit in a candle-lit room while your granny filled your mind with tales of the snake uMajola or the lessons to be learnt from the tale of Ityala lamawele?

The Cape Town Carnival, which will take place on the Fan Walk in Green Point on Saturday March 16, wants to take you back to those magical times. For one day only, it will strive to transport locals into a world of wonder, of shared experiences, of pure celebration.

Everyone is invited to join in on this journey of bright colours and imaginative floats and experience the thrill as South Africa’s diverse communities and cultures unite in exploring this country’s legendary stories.
Last year, the Cape Town carnival took festivalgoers from Cape To Cairo. A kaleidoscope of migration, tribes and cities, burgeoning industries, rich minerals and biodiversity captured the minds of the crowd.

In 2013, the organizers want us to take a closer look at ourselves. What makes South Africans who we are? What are our stories? Our legends?
The legends and tales passed down from parents and grandparents are the thread, the social and cultural glue that reminds us of who we are and where we came from. These tales reflect the quirks and character of our region and our continent to reveal archetypal forces or influences, our hopes and fears, our strength and dreams.

So whether you grew up with the legendary tales of ‘The Singing Dog’ or ‘The Queen of Imbira’, written, narrated and performed by the queen of storytelling herself, Gcina Mhlope, or the iconic Riaan Cruywagen on ‘Haas Das se Nuuskas’, come feel the vibe and become part of the awakening of the legends.

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