JHB – Theatre Guide 8-14 March 2013

Tap Dogs
Tap Dogs have returned. The ultimate 6 man tap dancing extravaganza. These guys bring all their energy to stage to deliver a show of note. A must see!
Until 10th March @ 8pm
R100 – R300
Monte Casino, Tel: 011-510-7472

20:13 The Beginning – Comedy
Local Mzansi comedians battle it out, Def Jam style. Its all about bring new talent to stage. During the 2nd half industry stalwarts take over. An evening of comedy!
Until 17th March @ 8:13pm
R75 to R120
The Laager, Market Theatre, Tel: 011-832-1641

Don Quixote
The story is based on an episode in the epic Cervantes novel and tells of the triumph of young women over parental match making.
Until 24th March @ 7:30pm and 3pm
R189 to R336
The Mandela, Tel: 011-877-6800

Oh Golly it’s Bolly
An exciting evening of colourful dancing, singing and acting at Gold Reef City. Bollywood hits and more.
Until 31st March @ 8pm
R100 – R120
Globe Theatre, Tel: 011-248-5168

The Time Keepers
This is an Israeli production that has been brought back by popular demand. It tells of a story between two men trapped in a concentration camp and how they bond through the trying times at the camp.
12th , 13th, 14th, 16th March @ 8:15pm
Old Mutual Theatre on the Square, Tel: 011-748-2847

Without a Hitch
Friends Julia and Caryn decide to swop husband which leads to disastrous consequences. It’s a fun play with a taste of the 1950’s mixed in.
13th March @ 8:15pm
Monte Casino, Tel: 011-510-7000

Africa Umoja
A musical extravaganza focusing on African music from its early days on teh dusty streets of Soweto to todays modern Kwaito revolution. The drum beats will have you excited for more.
Until 28th March @ 8pm
R112 – R224
Victory Theatre, Tel: 011-728-9603

The Funeral
The story takes us on a journey of  group of friends that find themselves in possession of the deceased friends body. This puts them in an awkward situation and the story unfolds on stage.
Until 17th March @ 8pm
Pop Art Centre, Tel: 082-472-2559

Don’t dress for dinner
Pieter Toerien presents this hilarious comedy at Montecasino. Its sure to have you in stomach hurting laughter.
Until 14th April @ 8pm
R100 – R160
Monte Casino, Tel: 011-511-1988

Fully Committed
A one man play that sees Sam Cooper, an out of work actor, manning the reservation line at an exclusive restaurant. Its sure to have you rolling in laughter.
Until 9th March @ 8:15pm
Old Mutual Theatre on the Square, Tel: 011-883-8606

The Island
This is an epic play written by Athol Fugard that follows the story of two inmates, on Robben Island. One inmate learns that his sentence has been reduced and this tests the men’s friendship. The story develops from this idea and entertains the audience with a slightly modern twist on the original play.
Until 24th March @ 8pm
Tickets from R75
The Market Theatre, Tel: 011-832-1641

Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist
Trained by the worlds famous Max Collie, Andre has developed is own brand of theatrical hypnosis. This is an evening of side splitting laughter.
Until 10th March
Monte Casino, Tel: 011-510-7000