Health and Beauty: A facial treatment gone right

Health and Beauty: A facial treatment gone right

By RoxyK

I have always been sceptical about having a facial because of a bad experience I had before. I ended up with a rash and had to visit a dermatologist to heal my painful red skin. At the time of the facial, I repeatedly told the therapist of my sensitive skin but alas, once you are in that chair, you never know what products they use or how clean their equipment is.

Anyway, recently I took up the challenge to have a facial. I visited the well known dermalogica on Wembley (1 Mckenzie Str. CT). On arrival the therapist explained in detail what was going to be done on my skin. She even assured me that all ingredients used on my face would be completely natural.

The treatment started off with a double face wash and then an intense skin mapping. This entails a thorough check on the concerns of the skin such as the dehydrated areas, fine wrinkles and sunburn. An exfoliator, which was in a powder form, was mixed with water and applied with a brush onto my face. This was cool and gave me a slight tingle but I could feel it working. After a quick rinse with a warm cloth, the mask was applied.

A system called the BT-system, that uses micro current, is gently applied to the face. The vibration allows the products to penetrate the skin and target the problem areas.

Throughout the whole process the therapist explains everything that is being done so you feel comfortable and relaxed. This is an excellent way of learning to know your skin better and understanding its needs. After the mask was cleaned off, a water-based gentle toner was applied and then a day moisturiser was patted on.

The whole process left me feeling refreshed and clean. Since the mishap of my last disaster facial I was still uncertain and decided to leave the products on for a few hours longer before I came to my conclusion. The verdict was that even after four to five hours, I did not breakout into a rash or bumps on my skin. It still felt smooth, clear and still had a glow.

I love products that are completely natural and derma logically tested. It just gives me more confidence about what is being used on my skin. The team of therapists are all professional and know exactly which areas to target. The daily skincare routine is simple with no added products. If you believe in healthy skin and want the best out of your products, then this is probably the best way to go.

Book for a face mapping and facial treatment from dermalogica and learn more about your skin. Be aware of the products and ingredients that are used to produce creams and exfoliators. Many of these could be harsh to delicate, sensitive skins. We all want strong, firm, healthy-looking skins and can only achieve this by choosing good products that repair and replenish. Make a change now for a great feeling to beautiful skin.