Edge Of Wrong festival returns to Mother City

Edge Of Wrong festival returns to Mother City

The South-African/Norwegian festival Edge Of Wrong will be offering workshops, talks and concerts from February 22 to March 2 at various locations in Cape Town. Among the performers to line up are the Swiss laptop vocalist EIKO (Joana Aderi), Norwegian noise guru Lasse Marhaug and South-Africas own multi instrumentalists Mark Fransman and Dizu Plaatjies.

Edge Of Wrong is premised on the productive opportunities vested in chance, in uncertainty, in the pursuit of the unknown. It welcomes mistakes and challenge, diversity and collaboration. As such, the festival brings together a community of like-minded musicians and artists from Africa and Europe to share skills and visions with each other and with the audience. Artsits are invited based on their commitment to experimentation; to find, test and exceed the limits of their creative potential. This year audiences can expect ambient projections, Burlesque dancing, the sound of sports and the search of the new.

For the past six years, Oslo-based musician Morten Minothi Kristiansen has been bringing a small, but spectacular festival of exploratory music and art to Cape Town. Behind the Nordic cool façade is an engaging and enthusiastic musician turned festival organiser who will be bringing South African and Norwegian musicians together for the umpteenth time this year.
From the first edition of Edge Of Wrong in 2006, audiences queued to get in. “Audiences here really want to hear and see new music and art. There is a need to challenge and not underestimate audiences,” says the festival founder and organiser.

Given that the local scene is still small, some artists have over the years performed at more than one festival. Among the big names Kristiansen managed to pull have been the late Zim Ngqawana, Louis Moholo, Ivan Mazuze, Kyle Sheperd, Marcus Wyatt, Madosini, Saadet Türköz, Dizu Plaatjies, Errol Dyers, Kesivan Naidoo, Norwegian Streifenjunko Rolf, Erik Nystrøm and Carlo Mombelli, who also inspired the name of the festival. Over the years, Kristiansen also managed to secure funds to get Mark Fransman as well as Brydon Bolton, Kesivan Naidoo, James Webb, Josh Ginsburg and German Axel Dörner to play at Edge Of Wrong festivals in Oslo and Kristiansand, Norway, where he is based.


The Mahogany Room
(79 Buitenkant Street)
22 Feb – Friday
Vertex m/Josh Ginsburg
Darkroom Collective
Barend De Wet

23 Feb – Saturday
Alex Bozas and Paul Opie duo
Lasse Marhaug solo

iBuyambo in Llanga
24 Feb – Sunday
Lasse Marhaug
Dizu Plaatjies
Joana Aderi

The Intimate Theatre
(on 37 Orange Street – UCT Michealis campus)
1 March – Friday
Joana Aderi
Fieldband Academy and Morten Minothi Kristiansen
Petter Vågan and Mark Fransman

2 March – Saturday
Keenan Ahrends Quartet
Brendon Bussy
Golden Delishas

* Tickets are R70 per night. Doors open at 7pm and concerts start at 8pm. The Langa shows will start at 6pm. For more information, visit www.edgeofwrong.com.