Kranking your way to fitness -FREE trial session for our readers.

Kranking your way to fitness -FREE trial session for our readers.

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By RoxyK

I have always loved training, being fit and enjoying the social interaction with my friends. It just makes exercising and being at the gym more fun. However, I have discovered a brand new form of exercise called kranking. Kranking is an upper body rotational exercise that aims to give you a full body cardio workout. Although it was previously used for rehabilitation, it has caused such a stir that everyone is using this form of cardiovascular exercise.
The series of movements in kranking causes activation of the core muscles, resulting in increased muscle use and improved strength. It develops sculpted arms and tight abs. It is a form of spinning using your hands. It is proven to facilitate muscle growth and increased definition.
Kranking is fun, intuitive and easy to learn. Done with a personal trainer it is even more fun.
South Africa’s first certified trainer based in Cape Town is Aubrey Preston. He joined the George Loots Gym in Port Elizabeth and three months later entered his first body building competition. In 1995 he entered the Aerobic World Championship held in San Diego where he came second. In November 2007 he entered the Fitness Hollywood competition and came first in the Body Building Novis division. Since then, it became his goal to help others achieve their goals in strength and fitness.
Preston is currently the only qualified instructor of kranking in South Africa. With over 30 years experience as a personal trainer and gym instructor, his classes are effortless. I personally leave the gym rejuvenated and full of energy. If you want to really feel the strength in your body, then try kranking. It will definitely take you to the next level and keep you on track to reach your fitness goals.
* Kranking Fitness Studio can be found at Terrace Level 3, Portswood Square at the V&A Waterfront. Call 082 428 7446 to book a session now.

FREE trial class

You can book your place for a free trial kranking session with Aubrey Preston on the following dates:

Saturday 23 Feb at 10.30am

Tuesday 26 Feb at 5.30pm

Saturday 2 Mar at 10.30am.

Simply email your contact details with 2 time slot choices.

NB: Classes are limited to 20 per session and there are only 60 places available for this opportunity.