Living loud with Liezel: A music festival unlike any other

Living loud with Liezel: A music festival unlike any other
Liezel van der Westhuizen

By Liezel van der Westhuizen

If your are tired of standing in queues to only see your favorite acts from a distance at a musical festival, then imagine seeing Steve Hofmeyr, Valiant Swart, Sandra Prinsloo, Liz Meiring, Neels van Jaarsveld, Black Handed Kites, Elzabie Zietsman, Valiant Swart, Danie Niehaus, Dana Snyman and many more of South Africa’s top Afrikaans artists up close and personal, with only 30 other people next to you.

Each one of these artists performed this past weekend in the little white-washed West Coast village of Jacobsbaai just 150km from Cape Town. (It’s rumored that this small town got its name from an English king who entrusted the piece of land to a local known only as “Jacob”.)

Oppiwa is a unique music festival now in its second year that gives locals and visitors an opportunity to get up-close and personal with celebrity entertainers and musicians. Tractors and trailers are the setting to stage a musical tour of the village that included stop-offs at various local hosts for delicious snacks and refreshments, including a variety of fresh seafood caught off the coast of this village (SASSI friendly of course)

Each artist entertained groups of visitors who were seated on hay bales. Despite the rainy weekend along the west coast, visitors poured in from all over South Africa to experience a festival completely different from many others.
The tranquil environment of the village was thoughtfully left fairly undisturbed as the polished tractors rumbled slowly past, each pulling its trailer of artist and guests.

I enjoyed my stay at a guest house called Die Herberg (which is the Afrikaans translation for The Inn.) I had heard that the West Coast towns are known for their hospitality, and owners Sunette and Arend made me feel like part of their family, taking not only good care of me, but also the number of guests who had checked in to enjoy the festival.

There’s no need to wait for next year’s OPPIWA festival before you pay a visit to this scenic town. Visitors are welcome to experience the charm of Jacobsbaai anytime and to come for a day, or for a stay-over.