JHB – Theatre Guide 15-21 Feb 2013

Mark Banks: Banksrupt
Mark is a comedy legend and will be performing a show based on South Africa current state of monetary affairs with a tongue in cheek spin to things.
14th February until 2nd March @ 8pm
The Globe Theatre, Tel: 011-248-5168

Jozi Film Fest
Showcasing the latest movies made by local filmmakers and giving them a platform to tell their stories. Tickets are really not expensive, please support the local movie scene.
16th February @ 10pm
R20 – R80
The Bioscope, Tel: 011-039-7306

The Queen Experience
A spectacular tribute to the late great Freddy Mercury and his band Queen. This show brings back the hits Joseph Clark captures the stage presence worthy of a show of this magnitude.
Until 17th February @ 6pm
R100 – R300
The Joburg Theatre, Tel: 011-877-6800

Africa Umoja
A musical extravaganza focusing on African music from its early days on teh dusty streets of Soweto to todays modern Kwaito revolution. The drum beats will have you excited for more.
Until 28th March @ 8pm
R112 – R224
Victory Theatre, Tel: 011-728-9603

My Bottom is Genetic
The title of the play is “My Bum is genetic” is performed by Nkoto Malebye and her story is one that tells us about the African body/physique.
17th February @ 3:30pm
The POP Art Theatre, Tel: 083-472-2559

Without a Hitch
Without a Hitch tells a story of a case of mistaken identity and scandal. Its an entertaining light hearted comedy for a good evening.
16th February @ 8:15pm
Monte Casino, Tel: 011-510-7000

Mies Julie
Scooping up 2 awards, this play directed by Yeal Farber was a smash hit at the Baxter Theatre. It’s a play that reflects the larger dilemmas of the nation and today’s world.
Until 24th February @ 8:15pm
R75 – R150
The Market Theatre,  Tel: 011-832-1641

Alan Committie – No, Seriously
South Africa’s finest madcap comedian is back with a One man comedy show that will surely have you in stitches. Look forward to an evening of laughter and get to see some of the most loved charaters like Johan van der Walt and Trevor Tahor.
Until 3rd March @ 8pm
R75 – R150
Pieter Toeriens Main Theatre, Tel: 021-510-7000

Icons of the 80’s
This cover show focuses on all of the hits from the 80’s, including songs from Bon Jovi, Dire Straits and more of the famous artists of the time. The show features a 10 piece cast with explosive energy on stage. A show not to be missed.
Until 3rd March @ 2pm and 8pm
R95 – R150
The Barnyard Theatre in Rivonia, Tel: 012-234-2033

The Island
This is an epic play written by Athol Fugard that follows the story of two inmates, on Robben Island. One inmate learns that his sentence has been reduced and this tests the men’s friendship. The story develops from this idea and entertains the audience with a slightly modern twist on the original play.
Until 24th March @ 8pm
Tickets from R75
The Market Theatre, Tel: 011-832-1641

Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist
Trained by the worlds famous Max Collie, Andre has developed is own brand of theatrical hypnosis. This is an evening of side splitting laughter.
Until 10th March
Monte Casino,Tel: 011-510-7000