DBN – Theatre Guide 8-14 Feb 2013

Whose Line is it anyway
Four of Durbans funniest improv comedians get together to create a skit that will have you laughing. It’s all done on stage, at that time, no script.
13th February @ 6pm
Cotton Fields, Tel: 078-204-0457

Just Don’t Schools

A show based on real life experiences. The story is based on the character Zesu who commits a petty crime and lands up in jail. This play is produced by a community based project to get youngsters into the arts.
Until 1st March @ 11am
Pre Booking of tickets
Mobile Stage, Tel: 031-369-9555

A story of a multitude of characters that meet in a bird hide during a competition. A comedy of epic proportions ensues with the couples arguing and trying to beat each other in the competition.
Until 24th February @ 6pm
Elizabeth Sneddon Theartre, Tel: 083-250-2690

Surf’s Up
Enjoy the beach vibe created at the theatre with a 10 piece band. They play just the hits and take you on a musical journey through the best beach spots in the world. Featured in the show are songs by our very own Mango Groove.
Until 3rd March @ 8pm and 2pm (Sun)
The Barnyard Theatre, Gateway, Tel: 031-566-3045

Callum’s Will
After critical acclaimed performances at the National Arts Festival in Graham’s town, this production will be staged at the Durban Seabrookes Theatre. An intriguing story that makes for a good evening of entertainment.
10th February @ 7:30pm
Seabrookes Theatre, Tel: 083-250-2690