Gadget Buddies: An all new ‘Crysis’ is almost here

Gadget Buddies: An all new ‘Crysis’ is almost here

By Imran Khan

So, we have all been waiting a while for the ‘Crysis 3’ game. In fact we have placed a pre order for our game box already. All die hard ‘Crysis’ fans will agree that the gaming experience is truly amazing, from the weapon selection to the scientifically engineered Nano Suit.
We have played them all so far, be it on PC or Xbox and have thoroughly enjoyed it.
We brok the news last year when Crytek announced that they will be bringing us a new Crysis game and now we bring you the official South African release date. ‘Crysis 3’ will launch on the South African market on February 22, but wait, there’s more.

Electronics Arts and Crytek have announced that they will be releasing a sneak peak of the new game in the form of a “multiplayer beta” version. The release date for this is January 29 and it will be available on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Download for this special release demo will be made available via the Origin website. We must also stress that the game is only available for two weeks from release date.

In the beta game you will find two team based modes and just two maps; not too much. However the aim of this release by Crytek is to allow players the opportunity to master the powers of the all-important Nano Suit and get a feel of the new features of the gameplay. The fans who have pre-ordered ‘Crysis 3’ already will receive an automatic upgrade to the ‘Crysis 3 Hunter Edition’ as well as, wait for it… a free digital download for the game that started it all, the original, first ‘Crysis’ game.

We are looking forward to getting the ‘Hunter Edition’ upgrade with our pre order copy of Crysis 3. By getting this special edition, players get access to more weapons, including the signature Predator Bow and the Super-Suit. The Crytek guys are not stopping there. By having the ‘Hunter Edition’, players will also get an experience level upgrade to level five when they signup to play online.
We are looking forward to another awesome ‘Crysis’ game with spectacular graphics and loads of action based entertainment , keeping us on the edge of our seats.
* To download the demo, visit

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