80 years of SAX

80 years of SAX

By Tasneem Jakoet

For the past 80 years without fail, UCT RAG; a developmental student organisation, has sent students who are dressed up (or down) to the streets of Cape Town to sell the annual SAX Appeal magazine to the masses.

And it’s about that time again where those met by students at traffic lights may feel as though they’re being harassed into spending R20 on a few pages of satire. But, this is all for a good cause as all proceeds from the day of sales go to the Students Health and Welfare Centres’ Organisation (SHAWCO). This is a student run organisation that undertakes to develop and uplift the underprivileged members of the greater Cape Town area by providing extra-curricular educational programmes and tutoring, along with their health sector which runs six clinics per week.

The SAX Appeal Editorial team have worked tirelessly around the clock for three months and given up their December vacation to put together 100 pages of satire, witty humour and all around smart content that ranges from the political to the cultural and right down to poking fun at themselves as they believe that “humour brings healing and hope”. Having spoken to the 2013 Editor, Shaun Fickling, he promises that the 2013 edition of SAX Appeal is bound to entertain, through both the content and the antics of the student sellers on the street. “It’s definitely an edition that you’d want to read cover to cover.

It’s packed with fantastic comedy writing from some of the most talented writers in Cape Town and it’s an absolute steal for only R20,” he says.
“We’ve also gone in a completely new direction with the theme this year. It’s not something that the Cape Town locals would traditionally associate with SAX Appeal so we’re hoping to catch a few people off guard come the day of sales,” adds Fickling.

According to RAG project manager, Frankie A’Bear, this year RAG – along with their core sponsor Woolworths – has printed 40000 magazines and will send out approximately 1500 students to 71 depots all around Cape Town. They are set to hit the streets on February 7 at 6am until 11am. So keep your R20 donation handy, buy a copy in aid of contributing to charity and place it on your dashboard so as to ward off some of the more over-enthusiastic students.

* Visit www.saxappeal.uct.ac.za for more information.