“MyCiTi saves me an hour a day”

“MyCiTi saves me an hour a day”

This month the MyCiTi team spoke to some of our passengers to find out what they thought of our buses. This is what some of them said:
“I came from the Eastern Cape to Cape Town in November last year to stay with my aunt in Parklands. Now I’m in my first year of marketing at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. I catch the MyCiTi bus from home to the central city every day to be in time for my first lecture at 8am, then I catch the bus home again in the afternoon. Sometimes I study on the bus and sometimes I just relax, because I enjoy the quietness.

“I was worried before I came to the city, because I know that travelling around by taxi takes quite a long time. But with MyCiTi there is a schedule with arrival and departure times and it’s an efficient way to travel, even though there are a lot of stops in the residential areas.
“Travelling  with MyCiTi is nice because it saves me a lot of time – probably an hour every day.”
– Student Songezo Schweni.

“Taking the bus is much more comfortable and less cramped than a taxi, and it’s a scheduled service so you know when your bus is coming. It’s also close to where I stay, so catching the bus is easy.”
– High school student Debora Balanganayi.

“It’s pretty cool. I lived in Amsterdam for a year and MyCiTi is the same high quality as the bus service there. My boyfriend and I used to take our bikes to town on the bus from Milnerton, then cycle around central Cape Town – lots of fun.”
–  Sales consultant Margo Witbooi.
“This service is the way forward – a realistic and sensible way of providing mass transport. I’d like to wish MyCiTi success. My stepson is coming from Germany soon and I’ve already bought him a myconnect card.”
– CPUT lecturer Ferdo Maree.

“It’s lovely how the service brings people of different races and walks of life together. People are very polite on the bus. On MyCiTi, we are all learning how to coexist.”
– MyCiTi supervisor Gilson Joao.