Gadget Buddies

Gadget Buddies

By Imran Khan

Apple News:
The release of the latest iPhone 5 handset has sparked much interest. However it seems that is where it has stopped. Sales have not been that great for Apple’s latest generation smart phone.
With this, Apple has halved its order from suppliers of LCD panels for the latest iPhone, as reported by the Nikkei.
Apple has requested that the Japanese based Display and LCD suppliers, whom they have in invested heavily, temporarily reduce production to around 80%. Now at this stage one can speculate, without many more reports available.
Perhaps Apple are revising the design and trying to prevent an iPhone 4 related issue.
On the other hand, it is safe to say that the android smart phones market is slowly taking over, which include the likes of Samsung with its latest smart phone models, especially the Galaxy S series.

Samsung sailing of shelves:
Samsung Electronics company have reported that its sales of their popular Galaxy S smart phones has surpassed 100 million units since the first model, the S1, was released three years ago. The latest S3 smart phone has reached 41 million units sold already, with the S2 model not too far off at 40 million units.
Good news: we will be seeing a fourth version of the Galaxy S smart phones this year and keep an eye out for the Samsung S3 mini.
Through a soft launch it is available in South African shops now.

Ubuntu smart phones:
South African developer Mark Shuttleworth announced January 2, that there will soon be a version of the linux based Ubuntu operating system available for smart phones. Shuttleworth has also said that his company, Canonical, is currently engaged in discussion with smart phone manufacturers.
So we could be seeing smartphones, within the next year, roll off the production line with Ubuntu as their operating system.

There will be a few versions; one version will be a full on operating system, whereas the other version will be merely a version reworked around android drivers.
The latter will simply be “Ubuntu for Android”, running as a mask on android which gives you access to the Ubuntu interface.
Exciting technological times for 2013 in South Africa and the Gadget Buddies are keeping their fingers on the pulse to bring you the latest in gadgets and gaming news.

Watch this space for more!