‘Kitchen Fables in A Cookie Jar’ to captivates young minds at KBT

‘Kitchen Fables in A Cookie Jar’ to captivates young minds at KBT

Award-winning performer and educator Jori Snell will present the captivating family show ‘Kitchen Fables in a Cookie Jar’ at the Kalk Bay Theatre this holiday. It will be performed at 11am on December 14 to 18, 20 to 23 and 27 to 31, as well as on January 2 to 6.

The show won a prestigious Silver Standard Bank Ovation Award at the National Arts Festival this year, and combines an intriguing blend of non-verbal storytelling, dance, magical pictures, sound and smell which should capture the imagination of young and old alike.
At a not-quite-ordinary kitchen-table, a girl finds kitchen tools and ingredients transform into imaginary friends or weird, sometimes grotesque, creatures of her own fantasy.

“‘Kitchen Fables in A Cookie Jar’ has a subtle similarity to ‘Alice in Wonderland’,” says Snell. “It is set in the kind of magical-realistic worlds we get to explore in our dreams and is theatre to engage all the senses. Flying objects, coloured lights, enchanting sounds and delicious smells take the girl on an exciting journey of discovery through dreamy landscapes that give way for a gradual understanding of what play and friendship can bring in times of solitude and being lost.”

‘Kitchen Fables in A Cookie Jar’ is created, directed and performed by Snell and Baba Yaga Theatre, which she established in 2004. Snell also created the costume, set and lighting design for the production.

* Ages four years and up. Tickets cost R60 and seating is unreserved. For bookings and more information, visit www.kbt.co.za.
Booking is essential as attendance is limited daily to 78 people.
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